Our Mission

The mission of the Catholic Board of Education Karachi is to provide quality education to all irrespective of creed, caste ethnicity, gender and class. To promote holistic education: intellectual, social, spiritual and physical in a safe, nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment, underpinned by Christian values while teaching respect for other religions.


Cardinal Jospeh Coutts

There has been a lot that has happened over the past 12 months and, in my eyes, it has been a year of renewal – a combination of continuing to do what we do well, valuing the traditions and taking the CBE,K forward in a number of areas to assure future sustainability. There is a new addition to the Board this year in Mr. Ken Marshall, who has shown himself to be welcome and willing participant and I look forward to continuing to work with him on the Board. We also had a long serving Board member step down from the Board. On behalf of the CBE,K, our thanks goes out to Sr. Margaret Madden for her substantial contributions, we hope to see her again and we wish her all good health, wellbeing and happiness for the future. In keeping with our mission, the CBE,K will continue to provide its institutions with opportunities to exchange, discuss and network among themselves. We will continue to raise the voice of the teaching profession on issues that affect the quality of learning and teaching in this country. I would like to thank the CBE,K office staff for their support, especially the Executive Secretary, Mr. Anthony D’Silva, who has provided support and guidance to me in my role as Chairman. This organization has much to offer our members and community and it is through the hard work that occurs in the background by this small group of dedicated people that we can continue to support you through service and advocacy.

The Pakistani Church is "a small but not silent Church; that does not have many resources and therefore must make choices. But one thing is certain: it must focus on the education of young people "


Cardinal Jospeh Coutts

As the Executive Secretary of Catholic Board of Education, Archdiocese of Karachi, it gives me great pleasure to present the Annual Report for 2019. The past year has been busy and it was wonderful to all the CBE,K staff and students take part in so many of our events, including retreats, committee meetings, programmes, trainings etc. During the year 2019 more than 40 Principals, Deputies and Heads across the Board have provided input into the development of our CBE,K intuitions. Continuous professional development and embracing new technological were emphasized to the teachers. New methodologies and practices were introduced and regular follow-ups conducted during the year. Multiple session on teaching methodology, techniques and strategic planning were delivered with clear and consistent messages on what is valued in our institutions and services. New approaches to challenges were discussed and how to do things differently to better realize the potential of our institutions and system were encouraged. Training programmes for individual teachers and small groups were introduced to improve teachers computing skills and assist in teaching learning process aimed at helping students develop as 21st century learners. Financial help to our institutions remains a challenging area. Various efforts were made to encourage sustainable and best practices to better steer institutions towards financial viability and prudent spending with a focus on diversifying income streams to ensure greater self-sufficiency. I thank His Eminence Archbishop Joseph Cardinal Coutts and the members of the Board of Governors for their continual support of Catholic Board of Education office throughout 2019 and acknowledge the important work of the various committees.



Board Of Governers

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